1 Peter 5:1-14…. Do you seek elevation through pride or humility?
God loves the quality of humility so much that He exalts those whom it characterizes. Do, we must embrace humility, whether we’re leaders or followers, known or unknown by the worlds standards.  God has called us onto a path toward eternal glory and exaltation.  But that path runs through this hostile world were we are unwelcomed aliens and foreigners.  We remain humble, we resist the temptation to think to highly of ourselves, we depend on God for grace and we rely on fellow believers for support.  Then eventuallyGod will elevate us far beyond our abilities to elevate ourselves.  When we are willing to take the stand of accepting a life of servitude, it allows our humility the opportunity to be seen spiritually.  Our boastfulness allows the carnal man the opportunity to shine.  Elevation comes through humility not through pride.  Which path are you on?

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